DEAR AMERICA: Major Retailer SIDES With Transgender Toilets, Will YOU Continue To Shop There?

Are you going to continue shopping at this major retailer after their latest announcement about their bathroom policy? Or will you be taking your business somewhere else?
Target said Tuesday that transgender customers at its stores are welcome to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, the latest corporate reaction to a wave of legislation seen by critics as anti-LGBT.
“We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” the retailer said. “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.”

Target workers in New York sue over not being paid overtime


The Target Corp. logo is seen on a shopping cart at a store in Chicago.

CHICAGO -- Target Corp. has been accused in a lawsuit of failing to pay overtime to workers with low-level management responsibilities at its warehouses in New York state.
The lawsuit, which seeks class action status, accuses the retailer of violating state labor law by misclassifying "operations group leaders" as exempt from overtime requirements and not paying them for all hours worked.
Target was sued six months after the Obama administration proposed making nearly 5 million more U.S. workers eligible for overtime pay.
That proposal, which is being reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget, is widely expected to narrow an exemption for white-collar workers from overtime pay protections based on
the percentage of time they spend on management tasks.
Target "controls very carefully what the group leaders do such that they are not left with meaningful executive authority that would satisfy exemption under the law," Jahan Sagafi, a lawyer for the named plaintiff, Robert LaPointe Jr., told Reuters.
Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said Target's distribution center group leaders are properly classified as exempt, salaried team members and said these department leaders hire, manage and lead teams of up to 50 people.
"They are competitively compensated and rewarded for their performance. We dispute the allegations in the suit," she said.
Sagafi said the lawsuit may expand to cover Target's activity in other states.
He did not say how many potential plaintiffs might be covered, but the complaint said more than 40 group leaders in New York state might be covered.
Target is overhauling its supply chain infrastructure.
Earlier this month, the retailer said it will invest $2 billion to $2.5 billion annually starting in 2017, mainly to upgrade its supply network and technology infrastructure, as it races to reduce stock shortages and pushes for online growth.
The lawsuit, which was not widely reported, was filed in December in a New York state court, and later moved to federal court.
The case is LaPointe v. Target Corp, U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York, No. 16-00216.


Target reaches settlement with Canadian landlords as it winds down there

The retailer gave a little more after a judge struck down its previous offer. 


In August 2012, Target and Bullseye the dog were bullish on Canada, as the mascot sat in a reception tent near Toronto.

Target is getting closer to closing the book on its Canadian debacle.
The Minneapolis-based retailer cleared a major hurdle by reaching a settlement Friday with the landlords of the 133 stores in Canada it shuttered last year.
In January, a Canadian judge in Ontario Superior Court had struck down the company’s previous proposal, which some landlords had objected to, saying that Target Corp. was not fulfilling its original promise to cover future losses in the event of store closures.
Under the amended plan Target Canada announced late last week, landlords will get 66 to 77 percent of their claims.
“This agreement is the result of months of tough negotiations with stakeholders,” Aaron Alt, the chief executive of Target Canada, said in a statement. “We are delighted to have achieved a consensual path forward and believe that the Amended Plan is in the best interests of the stakeholders of Target Canada. We remain focused on achieving a timely wind-down of the [court] proceedings, and distributing proceeds to stakeholders as soon as possible.”
The Globe and Mail newspaper, citing unnamed industry sources, reported the new settlement requires the Minneapolis parent company to throw in an extra $30 million or so to cover landlords’ claims.
A Target spokeswoman said she could not share details, but noted that the financial impact of the settlement is “materially consistent” with what the company has previously recorded in its financial statements.
In January 2015, Target began shutting its Canadian operations less than two years after they opened, in what was the retailer’s first expansion beyond the U.S. The stores racked up about $2 billion in losses as they grappled with stocking and pricing issues that turned off Canadian consumers.
Target Chief Executive Brian Cornell, five months into the job at the time, decided the company should cut its losses, close the 133 stores and let go of 17,600 employees.
If all goes according to plan, Target hopes to get final court approval of its Canadian wind-down plan on June 2.

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15 Things We Learned About The Downfall Of Target Canada

Why did Target’s expansion into Canada fail so quickly? The company is based in Minnesota, which is dangerously close to being Canada. Yet Target Canada failed spectacularly. Why? Sure, they expanded too quickly, and had supply chain problems: we all know the answer. Yet what did that look like on the ground?
Employees on both sides of the border must have worked very hard to make the launch happen, and it resulted in a terrible experience for shoppers. Canadian Business interviewed employees who were there when Target Canada launched and when it failed. For all of the scary details, head over to their site to read the whole story.
Note that Target wouldn’t confirm any of what the ex-employees say, and most of them asked for anonymity because they want to keep working in the industry.
Here’s what we learned from the article: and we thought that we already knew a lot about Target Canada, eh.
  1. Target wasn’t ready. The point of sale systems weren’t working and the company struggled to get inventory into stores, yet they went ahead and opened the first test stores anyway.
  2. When an employee asked Greg Steinhafel, then CEO of Target, what he would change about how Target Canada had launched if he could, Steinhafel said that he would not have bought Canadian discount chain Zellers. The transaction began when Walmart approached the owner of Zellers about a sale, and knowing that their competitor was involved made Target bid more ($1.8 billion) to open 133 stores on a much faster timeline than was actually possible.
  3. Target couldn’t just box up its behind-the-scenes software and send it to Canada, since it was built specifically for the use of Target in the United States, and couldn’t handle French characters or Canadian dollars. They bought a new system from an outside vendor, which usually took stores that were already operating several years to implement. Getting the system to work while also creating Target Canada was a disaster.
  4. In the U.S., Target hires corporate employees who have the right personality right out of school and trains them. In Canada, they did the same, but the bright and friendly young employees they hired received very little training compared to their American counterparts.
  5. There was intense time pressure, but employees didn’t realize how crucial it was that the software running the supply chain had to be correct. “You had these people we hired, straight out of school, pressured to do this insane amount of data entry, and nobody told them it had to be right,” one former employee explained. Inaccurate information delayed shipments and caused other logistics disasters.
  6. The fall before the launch, the merchandising team realized that there was so much inaccurate data in the system that they would have to take a week and do nothing but verify with suppliers every piece of information (size, weight, everything else you can imagine) about every item that the stores planned to carry. It was a miserable week. Target sent ice cream and pizza to comfort them workers.
  7. Target’s employees in suburban Toronto couldn’t type the information into the system themselves: there was another set of workers in India who did that, which was another way errors could creep in. Interviewees disagree about whether their work was error-riddled or not.
  8. The good news: the first stores in Ontario had more customers than expected.Unfortunately, that meant that customers encountered empty shelves.
  9. Warehouse and supply chain software weren’t communicating, which led to empty store shelves and overstuffed distribution centers. The company forecast demand for different items based on information from U.S. stores, not a new chain launching in a new country.
  10. The point-of sale (cash register) systems were buggy and sometimes froze. Self-checkout stations sometimes gave out the wrong change.
  11. No matter how badly the launch went, Target Canada had to keep going and keep opening new stores, because the company had paid so much for the former Zellers leases.
  12. Target Canada president Tony Fisher left the company in May 2015, two weeks after CEO Gregg Steinhafel stepped down.
  13. One week, stores were sold out of every item pictured on the front of its sales flyer. We can’t even add any snarky remarks to that.
  14. Employees were expecting some store closings and layoffs, and were shocked when headquarters in Minneapolis announced that Target Canada would file for bankruptcy and close all of its stores.
  15. Canadians can shop at Target again… sort of. The company partnered with Borderfree, which handles the logistical issues of international e-commerce. One of the countries they’ll ship to is Canada.
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Just now
For how they treat employees, for how they treat customers and for accidents in their stores.

The below cite is from Business Insider and is worth a read.
http://www.businessinsider.com/target-workers-claim-walk-of… with much more info at: http://gentlesvtarget.blogspot.com/

Summary: Target was sued by the mother of a Target employee who killed himself due to his treatment by a Pasadena, Calif. Target store. Unfortunately the suit did not go very far as if often the case when a person of limited means tries to take on a mega store with a policy of never admitting wrong and hardly ever settleing a case.

And even those who 'win' find that Target will appeal and run the case for additional years.

Below are some links to various Target issues and you can easily see why Target Sucks, and just FYI, while my main blog site http://targetfiling.blogspot.com/ is not really up to date it was the cause of Tarbutt suing me in 2007 for 23 months in Atlanta Federal Court for having published their 'Security Manual'.

I estimate that it cost T about $250,000, involved major law firms for T in Minneapolis and Atlanta, my cost was $0 and it was tossed out by the Atlanta Federal Judge, the information in my blog site and another half dozen I set up with the same info was not changed even by one word.

Target employees claim the retailer has a practice of parading workers through…
See also this and other topics on Facebook: 


More Tarbutt B.S. FYI

Every year Tarbutt goes through this dog and pony show about how they want to protect the customers from solicitors.  

Anyone in 'retail' knows that it is a load of crap.  The reason they don't want anyone soliciting $ in front of their stores is that they want shoppers to SPEND that $ INSIDE Tarbutt, not dropping it into a kettle or giving it to Girl Scouts selling cookies.

Tarbutt is entirely concerned with what benefits them and the few bucks they actually give out to charities doesn't come close to what they save by tossing charities off their properties. 

Remember folks:  TARGET SUCKS!  They always have and they always will!


TARGET:  Our no solicitation policy

Target has a long-standing policy that prohibits third-party solicitation at our stores nationwide. To provide a distraction-free shopping environment for our guests, we prohibit solicitation and petitioning at our stores regardless of the cause being represented to the fullest extent allowed by law.

This policy does not diminish Target's support of communities. Since 1946, Target has given 5 percent of its profit — which today equals more than $4 million a week – to local communities. Our company also has many other means through which we support organizations whose programs fall within our corporate giving guidelines. For more information on these guidelines, please pick up the Community Giving brochure in your store's Guest Service area or visit the Community

Giving section on Target dot com 

How we enforce our policy:

To ensure a distraction-free shopping experience in our stores, we take the following steps:

We ask solicitors and petitioners to respect our policy by ceasing their activities and leaving our property. However, often they refuse to comply.

We partner with local law enforcement agencies to assist us in having unwanted solicitors and petitioners removed from our property.

In certain circumstances, we file lawsuits to obtain court orders prohibiting solicitors from returning. This is not a quick process and may not result in the immediate removal of unwanted disturbances.
what you can do

Target firmly believes that our guests should enjoy a distraction-free shopping experience in our stores. If you feel harassed or bothered by a solicitor or petitioner outside a Target store, please alert a store team member. We appreciate your patience and patronage as we continue to do everything we can to provide you with a respectful, distraction-free shopping experience.

Based on Target's commitment to maintaining a distraction-free shopping experience for our guests, we do not allow Salvation Army bell ringers outside our store nationwide. However, Target proudly supports The Salvation Army, which serves more than 30 million people across the United States each year. Some of our year-round efforts include grants to local chapters, volunteerism and in-kind donations to help those who need it most. Target also partners with The Salvation Army to support its disaster relief efforts in communities across the country.



Disgruntled Target employee runs car through front of store

WASHINGTON, Mo. -- It seems like this Missouri Target had quite the bulls eye on it, since a 21- year old crashed his car right into the front of the store.
The incident occurred after the suspect allegedly bragged about doing something big on his Facebook page.
According to reports, court documents showed that Nathan Glenville, who is an employee of the store, was disciplined a few days earlier after a female coworker complained to supervisors about unwanted advances he allegedly made toward her at work.
Glenville allegedly thought the coworker looked like Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane's character in 1978, according to KDSK.
Moments after allegedly posting threatening messages on Facebook, security cameras show the car crashing through the glass doors of the store.
Glenville then busted his car window, climbed out, but then fell upside down into a shopping cart as he tried to walk away.
He struggles for a few minutes, reached in his car, and then stumbles out of frame. Luckily, no one was hurt.
Glenville fled the scene, but was later located by police. The store estimates he caused more than $20,000 in damage.
Glenville is facing multiple felony charges, including first degree property damage and resisting arrest. He's being held on $75,000 bond.


Here Are The 13 Target Stores Closing In January

For the second time this year, Target is closing underperforming stores. But unlike that first round of closures, which was focused on the retailer’s flagging Canadian operations, this time the shuttered stores are all stateside.
The big box retailer confirmed today that it would close 13 stores on Jan. 30, CBS News reports.
“The decision to close a Target store is not made lightly,” the spokesperson said in an emailed statement to CBS News. “We typically decide to close a store after careful consideration of the long-term financial performance of a particular location.”
Employees at the stores are being offered the option to transfer to another location.
The following 13 stores are being closed:
• Austin North East in Austin, TX
• Suncoast Pasco County in Odessa, FL
• Casa Grande, AZ
• Victorville, CA
• East Flint in Flint, MI
• Columbus Southwest in Columbus, OH
• Springfield, OH
• Northridge in Milwaukee, WI
• Superior, WI
• New Ulm, MN
• Ottumwa, IA
• Anderson, IN
• Dixie Highway in Louisville, KY
The U.S.-based closures come 11 months after Target announced it would shutter all 133 stores operating in Canada. The retailer said at the time that it had decided to leave our northern neighbor because there just was no way to make Target Canada profitable.
Is your local Target closing? [CBS News]--------------------------------------

AURORA, Colo.Police are seeking a female shoplifting suspect who resisted arrest and fled a Target store in central Aurora on June 23.  It happened at 9:15 p.m. when the female suspect was contacted by a security officer for shoplifting at the Target store at 14220 E. Ellsworth Ave.
Aurora police are searching for this shoplifting suspect who reportedly bit an officer.(Photo: Aurora PD)
Aurora police are searching for this shoplifting suspect who reportedly bit an officer.(Photo: Aurora PD)
According to the Aurora Police Department, the suspect resisted arrest and bit one of the security officers on his forearm. She then fled the store with one handcuff on her wrist.  The suspect was seen fleeing the area in a black vehicle with no license plates.  Anyone who knows the identity of the woman is asked to contact Agent Eric White with the District 2 Detective Unit at 303-739-6011 or ewhite@auroragov.org. Or call Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867.


July 18th marks the first year without Graham. To mark the event, I will be standing in front of Target 777 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA with my "BOYCOTT Target" signs. I welcome anyone who wants to join me here or in your own neck of woods. This my fight and I expect to be alone (it is my new life, being alone) but drive by and give a out a HONK.

(Note:  The below photo is generic and not representative of Mrs Gentles or that issue)


38 mins · 
Target is trying to force me in allowing them to make a public statement. I said no, so now they are threatening to sue me for legal fees. Target is the WORST.

Here is part of the documentation that Mrs. Gentles lawyer has given her.  It seems that Tarbutt is threatening Mrs. Gentles with the 'claim' that if she won't go along with this that she will have to pay the entire cost of Tarbutt's defense of the case.


The Settling Parties have agreed on a joint statement that can be released to the public if inquiries are made about the Subject Action.  

Said statement shall read, ““Both the Gentles family (or Mrs. Gentles) and Target agree that this was a tragic event and are saddened by the loss of Graham. At this time, both parties have discussed the issue and Mrs. Gentles has decided to dismiss Target from the case. Out of respect for the family, neither Target nor the family has anything additional to share at this time.”  

Note:  If she agrees with this then she has a damn poor law firm giving her advice!



The Gentles v. Target Corp suit has ended

Sunday, June 7, 2015

All who posted private messages, I am alright. I had to take time off, life can be very overwhelming. I appreciate all your kind words. 

I have dropped the lawsuit. Target will never take responsibility for their actions and have made the last few weeks unbearable. 

I will continue my fight against Target by never setting foot in any store, I will continue to be outspoken of their murder of my son, and I will never understand their lack of compassion for all the employees. 

Target has asked that I meet with them so that I will find closure (are they kidding?). How can I find closure when they took my only child from me? I have no desire to forgive or forget what Charlie and Tony did and continue to do to their Target crew. 

For myself all I can do is warn parents that their children are not safe working in places where workforce bullying is practiced and ignored by management. People need to standup against loathsome behavior and never be accepting of it just because it is not happening to them. 

When you sit quietly by these practices you are giving the bullies a stage and letting them know they have power. Take the power back for the good and fight the injustices. 

Suit details are found at:  


For additional info on Target India put those keywords into the white search bar in the upper left hand corner of this site.  There is a lot of info on India on this site.


Target India lays off 180 employees

TV18 Broadcast lays off 300 employees
TARGET India is laying off 180 employees in its Bengaluru centre as the US retailer undertakes a global restructuring with the objective of saving $2 billion in the next two years. (Representative image)

Target India is laying off 180 employees in its Bengaluru centre as the US retailer undertakes a global restructuring with the objective of saving $2 billion in the next two years.

Those laid off will receive a severance package that includes two months' salary , and a month's salary for every year of service. 

The Bengaluru centre has more than 2,800 people supporting Target across areas like technology, marketing, human resources, finance, merchandising, supply chain, property development, analytics and reporting. 

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