Target Corporation is more use to being sued for copyright violations than to suing someone for violating their copyright! Seems like they don't like it much if they aren't doing it!!!


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NOS 820 after 09/05/2006 for ALL COURTS
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1 TARGET CORPORATION gandce1:2006cv0211609/05/2006 820Target Corporation v. Doe

2 TARGET CORPORATION ilndce1:2006cv0581410/25/2006 820ZM International, Inc. v. Target Corporation

3 TARGET CORPORATION cacdce2:2006cv0686910/27/2006 820World-Wide Drapery Fabric Inc v. Spencer Industries Inc

4 TARGET CORPORATION nysdce1:2006cv0814410/04/2006 820Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc. v. Target Corporation et al

5 TARGET CORPORATION nysdce1:2006cv1017710/20/2006 820Galbraith & Paul, Inc. v. Target Corporation et al