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Town Hall Meeting Regarding the Target Corporation World Headquarters

Thursday, April 12, 2007



THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2007, at 7:00 p.m. at ST. GERARD’S CHURCH,

The Target Corporation plans to build a new World Headquarters on a 300 acre tract of land located near Highways 169 and 610 in Brooklyn Park. It is anticipated that this World Headquarters will ultimately generate 15,000 jobs with Target Corporation and another 15,000 jobs in the related development. Target envisions a new downtown area, public works facilities, parks, infrastructure, and 3000 new housing units. Details about the project are available online on the City of Brooklyn Park’s website at:

In order to make this project happen, Target has obtained a promise of $20 million in tax abatement assistance from the City of Brooklyn Park and is looking for an additional $20 million in tax abatement assistance from the County of Hennepin. If the public is being asked to make this type of financial commitment to the Target Corporation, the local community has the right to ask Target Corporation questions as to how this development will benefit everyone in the community. What they will be doing to guarantee that there is affordable housing built as part of this development? What provisions are being made for public transit in and around the site area? Will there be local hiring opportunities? Will good quality jobs be available for local residents? Target has been willing to discuss these matters, but has not made any firm commitment to the community on these issues.

The Alliance for Metropolitan Stability is working with two coalition partner groups, the African American Action Committee (AAAC, based in Brooklyn Park); and the faith-based social justice group, ISAIAH. Our organizations are part of a community coalition which is asking Target Corporation, the City of Brooklyn Park, and Hennepin County to actively address these concerns and require Target Corporation to enter into a community benefits agreement to commit itself to providing affordable housing, public transit options, and local employment opportunities in this development. If the community is committing itself to Target Corporation, we ask that Target Corporation commit itself to the community as well.

AAAC & ISAIAH are holding a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, April 12, 2007, at 7:00 p.m., at St. Gerard’s Church, 9600 Regent Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. We are inviting you to attend this very important informational meeting to hear how this development can promote equitable economic and social opportunities in Brooklyn Park.

At the Town Hall Meeting, representatives from Target Corporation, the City of Brooklyn Park, Hennepin County, and community groups will answer questions about the proposed development, and we will seek the commitment of Target Corporation to enter into a community benefits agreement guaranteeing that the development will provide the necessary affordable housing, public transit and local employment that will benefit the entire community. Please join us at this important event.

The African American Action Committee is a local nonprofit community organization committed to working with other community partners within the community to create a pathway to employment and business opportunities, promote affordable housing and home ownership, adequate transit, and assure that all children have access to a quality education.

ISAIAH is an ecumenical non-partisan organization of over 85 metro area churches that have joined together to promote their common vision that we should act from hope, not fear, that we must move from isolation to community, that rejects the myth of scarcity and recognizes that God’s abundance provides enough to sustain us all, and that works towards a community of greater social, economic and racial justice for all people.

For more information, please contact:

Eugene Dix, Executive Director of the African American Action Committee (AAAC), (763)503-0158 (p); email: eugeneaaac@qwest.net

Tim Brausen, ISAIAH Northwest Caucus Co-Chair; telephone 952-451-8492; email at

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