For what Tarbutt pays

- I wouldn't clean it up either!


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Why would anyone bother working for Tarbutt AP? They will just fire you for doing your job? Here is a consumerist.com article FYI:

Target Fires Security Guard For Stopping Shoplifter

Usually our shoplifter stories focus on being detained illegally or held at knifepoint by a rabid senior greeter who demands receipts*, but Target in Milwaukee toes the line when it comes to dealing with suspected theft. That's why they fired a retired cop (warning: video) who stopped a teenager he saw stealing liquor for the second time in a month. He told her he'd seen her take rum a few weeks before and asked her what was in her bag this time. She showed him. He called her father.

Target fired him because the store policy is that only certain managers can intercept shoplifters. We admire his attention to detail and desire to help, but we're glad to see a Big Box retailer following its own policy.

Babcock seems like a nice guy, and we hope he finds a more suitable job soon. We also hope that when Babcock was on the force, his partner's name was Goodcock, because that would make any reasonable criminal have a good laugh.

"Target Security Guard Fired After Stopping Shoplifter" [Fox 6 Milwaukee]