Now Kids don't do this at your Tarbutt store!

What happened at Manhattan Beach's Target?

Here's the press release from Manhattan Beach PD on what happened at Target:

"Location: Target Store, 1200 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach

Suspect: Unknown Female Caller

An unknown female caller called the Target Store located at 1200 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach and told an employee there was a bomb in the building.

Manhattan Beach police responded and contacted the store manager, who pursuant to company policy requested the store be evacuated.* Customers and employees were evacuated from the building and surrounding area.

A search of the store was conducted by store employees and Manhattan Beach police, however no bombs or suspicious packages were found."

* Geeze did the cat get outta the bag there or what!?

Gonna be late for work, want a longer lunch break, your TL sucks or are you just POed at Tarbutt? Well it isn't real nice to call in a bomb threat, but its nice to know they have a company policy to evacuate the building if they get one.

See at all those funny people in red shirts milling around in the parking lot, doing nothing for an hour and getting paid for it!

Now seriously don't call . . . even if you really really really hate Tarbutt . . . well maybe just once . . . NO, stop thinking like that you really should NOT call . . . even if you disguise your voice you shouldn't call. . .