An odd little site came to my notice:

This has absolutely nothing to do with Target but Tarbutt news lately has dried up and in my wanderings I came across an odd site called 'MyLifeIsAverage' which seemed a bit unusual and I will give a couple of examples of what you will find there just in case you want to take a look. For 1st time visitors to the Target Sucks site, just take a look here before you click away there is a lot of Target info and you can always come back and take a look at the My Life is Average site.

Today, my mom texted me asking how my weekend was. Thinking I was funny, I texted back saying, "It was a blur of illegal drug usage and unprotected sex.". Her response- "You too?". Well played, mother, well played. MLIA

Today I tried out this ever-popular Google vs. Yahoo brawl and I typed in "Why is six". Yahoo gave me the expected "Why is six afraid of seven?" One of Google's suggestions was "Why is six flags using a creepy old guy to attract kids?" Google makes a good point. MLIA.

You can look at a lot of other posts at: http://mylifeisaverage.com/index.php?page=3