Crazed Man With Hammer Fights Televisions, Police at Target

To bad he couldn't reach the CCTV domes!

Dec 2nd 2009

If you kill your TV, more power to you. But if you try to smash all the televisions in a department store's showroom with a hammer, there will be serious repercussions.

Perhaps a bloody-faced Jerome Charles Eberle wasn't thinking about such things when he wandered into a Target last Saturday in Winona, Minn., and started whacking away at the entire selection of big-screen televisions while creepily chanting, "Hammer, hammer, hammer."

As the Thanksgiving-weekend crowd understandably fled the premises, the police entered. Then Eberle made a bad situation worse by swinging his hammer at the cops and getting himself tased.

After being charged with multiple crimes, including assault and destruction of property, Elberle was carted off to the local mental-health facility for observation.
Hopefully the good doctors will be able to get to the bottom of the 38-year-old's deep-seated animosity toward the boob tube.