HQ 'Big Brother' is watching you at any Tarbutt store nationwide

C3, is the Corporate Command Center, Control room technicians can check 75,000 store security cameras at any given time from their PCs from the third floor of Target Corp.'s downtown Minneapolis headquarters and keep tabs on anything that could disrupt operations at Target's 1,743 stores or worldwide offices.

While the Tarbutt publicity department is undoubtedly pleased with the report, the 'back story' on this should be that Target AP is looking in at their employees from HQ and they are not looking in to send them warm fuzzy greetings from Minneapolis.

Tarbutt AP at HQ are not looking for shoplifters, that is for the local AP to do, they are looking for any employees who are spending time goofing off, talking to other employees, violating company policies or just ducking and diving to get out of work.

Big Brother at HQ are looking in anytime there are employees in the store, the cameras are always 'live', not just during 'business hours'. They monitor everywhere in the store except the bathrooms and changing rooms. Just because you don't see one of the 'domes' does not mean you are not on camera, those domes are 50% empty anyway, and are there for shoplifting prevention.

From the WCCO-TV story. Nov 27, 2009 10:39 pm


Even before the stores open, from New York to Minnesota, Alaska to Hawaii, Target Corporate Control keeps tabs on them.

Target Corporate Headquarters in Minneapolis is keeping a close eye on Black Friday shoppers in their stores nationwide from their Mpls. Target 'Command Center'. They are being extra cautious after the tragedy last year at a Wal-Mart when a shopper died after customers stormed the doors.

WCCO-TV got a rare look inside Target's Corporate Command Center. "This control center is our 'NASA Mission Control,' it is the hub," said Target Corporate Vice President of Asset Protection Brad Brekke.

It's from there Target security staff keeps an eye on stores across the country, 24/7 and year-round. It's especially important on Black Friday weekend. "To ensure guest service by monitoring both crowd management outside and once our stores open, ensuring that the guests are able to move through the store OK," explained Brekke

Even before the stores open, from New York to Minnesota, Alaska to Hawaii, Target Corporate Control keeps tabs on them. "We want to ensure those that show up first keep their proper place in line. We don't want to create confusion or anger with the crowd itself," said Brekke.

So cart caravans are used to create an orderly flow both inside and out as groups of shoppers file in at a staggered pace. "And then make sure in the store itself that there's not running for the product," said Brekke.

The electronics department is the first stop for many. "Getting the door busters and finding deals," said Carla Anderson of Fridley. "I've got some video games, I've got some PS3 games, some Wii games."

Shoppers say the security measures worked. Target security had no major problems Friday at any of the stores across the country.