Target - Returns & Exchanges

If you are interested in consumer complaints about Tarbutt, there are a number of consumer complaint sites which have interesting posts about various aspects of Tarbutt, and not just about Returns, the below site has many current posts about how customers are treated. If you run out of things to look at on my site you might take a look at:
Here is another Target Sucks site that I came across and think it is worth taking a look at when you have time. http://www.ihatetarget.net/ There are a number of sites flagged as Target Sucks, probably because, well, Target does Suck, thus the names.
My own use of TS is far from original, saw someone on a blog about 4-5 years ago using Target-Sucks and picked up the term for myself and initially for my blog. That particular blog got deleted when Target Corp threatened the blog site about my content (AP Directives) and they caved and bounced me off, so I went with the http://www.targetfiling.blogspot.com/ which you are looking at now.