$7 Million Record-Setting Settlement for Woman Injured at Target

Speaking as someone who got sued for 23 months by Tarbutt, it is real nice to see these assholes get a 7 million dollar kick in the nuts. (My case was tossed out of Federal Court)

In this case of a 10/7/09 settlement, Mrs Putman was awarded the $7,000,000 because on June 21, 2007, Mrs. Putman was entering the Target store located at 7000 Mannheim Road in Rosemont, Illinois, as she walked through the entrance, the door malfunctioned and closed before she successfully maneuvered through the entry. Mrs. Putman, a slight woman, was knocked over and hit her head when she fell to the ground. Her head was hit a second time by the door when it continued to open and close.

For details see: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/10/prweb3006804.htm And remember people that: TARGET SUCKS!