Employees Define TARGET

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1. A Target department store that is looking run-down, ghetto or otherwise trashy. The parking lot usually features abandoned shopping carts, litter and crappy cars.

2. The derogatory term that refers to the large scale chain store, Target. Usually refers to the store's trashy wares and clientele.

A corrupt, greedy corporation that prides itself on neglecting their employees. . . The job turnover rate is always high, morale is low and you get a nickel and dime raise every year for your dedication and hard work. They even dare say their wages are competitive with other retailers! Competitive with what, minimum wage? Can you work overtime to compensate? No, No Target cannot afford that. . . The workers at the store level are undervalued and underappreciated and their daily huddles belittles your esteem when you hear “WE MADE 120K YESTERDAY AND 5 MILLION THIS YEAR SO FAR AND YOUR GETTING MIN WAGE AND SUB-PAR BENEFITS”.

It’s a simple concept most know, how you treat your employees affects how they treat your guests . . . and the poorest treatment is Target’s forte. Your job title is always inconsistent, the schedule of hours is bias and you’re always being micro-managed by the execs and team leads doing tons of tasks with little time. . . It’s all about making their corporate image look attractive while finding more ways to rip off their employees . . . and to say that conservative Christians run target, huh? God save the U.S.A

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