Here is an update on an older post FYI:

RIP: A Consumer Site that sold out:
Here is a little oddity regarding what once was a consumer site where you could go and post reviews of any firm. It was first registered in 2004 and initially was jobvent.com and for the Target reviews: http://www.jobvent.com/target-job-reviews-C455  

Target was one of the many firms with reviews. It had a flat 300 the last time I saw it and there were ‘Love It: 72, Hate It: 228’ reviews. Around 11/20/10 the site was frozen. No new reviews for any firm were being taken and they still aren’t. “We're sorry...Jobitorial is not accepting new employee reviews at this time.”

Just by chance I looked in today 9/17/11 and the internet address redirected me to http://www.jobitorial.com/target-job-reviews-C455  Now here is the odd thing, there are no more 300 reviews! Any review below giving Target a 3.1 on a 5 scale have been deleted! The new owners of the site have gone back and removed those reviews with any worthwhile criticism of Target. There are 62 reviews dated from 5/17/06 to 9/11/10.

The negative 228 Target reviews are gone and the site remains closed to new reviews but a shining beacon telling people: “Tomorrow is my last day working at Target, and I had a fantastic time working there.” And “I always enjoyed my job at Target and most of my coworkers.”

So chalk one up for Spot’s PR Department which is probably:
Target Brands, Inc.
Domainnames Admin
1000 Nicollet Mall, TPS 3165
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: +1.6126960063

The above department is the one T. uses to buy up/take out of circulation any of the sites that have names which are critical of T. You can look them up at: http://www.whois.net, run some name like 'targetsucks.com' and you will see that T. has purchased this name to keep it out of use, this and many more, and when they come up for renewal this department simply renews them.

 An update on a consumer site that sold out.
I stopped by the Job Vent site, haven't been there since July. Wow! Talk about someone 'selling out'! This site is now TOTALLY in the bag for Target. The hundreds of critical posts are gone, replaced by over 60 posts that all seem to LOVE Target. Must be that Target either bought the site or they slipped someone a good few bucks to redo the Tarbutt posts (http://tinyurl.com/2amahdj).  
Now the site sounds like they had half a dozen drones at HQ make up some BS posts and back dated them to make it seem like actual T. workers were posting comments. P. T. Barnum said: "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool someone who worked for Target - They all think the place sucked!"

Target has a whole department that deals with the Internet and both buys up names of sites (ie: Target Sucks, F Target etc) and keeps up the payments on them to keep them out of the hands of irate bloggers (like me) who would grab onto something like http://www.targetsucks.com/* in an instant. At least two anti-Target union sites went bye bye a couple of years ago, couldn't afford the site rental payments I think, so now we are not only missing this Job Vent site but it has turned into a real Kiss Ass For Target site. Here is my July plug for the 'old' Job Vent site - R.I.P. Job Vent


* WHOIS says: Domain Name: http://www.targetsucks.com/
Registrant is: Target Brands, Inc., Domain Manager, 1000 Nicollet Mall, TPS 3165, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Email: admin@internationaladmin.com
Created on..............: Tue, Jul 28, 1998
Expires on..............: Wed, Jul 27, 2011
Record last updated on..: Fri, Jul 23, 2010

You could opine that Target knew it sucked as long ago as 7/28/98 when it registered this name to keep it off the market. If they screw up and forget to renew it on 7/27/11 someone else might pick it up for use. (Gee, wonder who that might be?)
(what I originally posted about this site)
Take a look at: JOB VENT

This site should be required reading for Tarbutt employees. Yeah, that means you pencil pushers at HQ who look in here every few days, learn what your fellow employees in the DC's and stores really think of your crappy company.

Bookmark the site and go back every two weeks and see what new posts have been added.
(Based on 300 Reviews):
Love It: 72 Hate It: 228

FYI: Here is another 4 sites that have Tarbutt reviews http://www.ihatetarget.net/category/targetsucks,
http://trueinsider.com/frame/Reviews?company_id=1130215-target, http://www.thebreakroom.us/, http://www.topix.com/forum/com/tgt/T23GCEBTAKK98OJOL/p17#lastPost