Beckfords' Az. 'Charge of Discrimination'

Regular readers like to see 'new' posts, so I will put this Az. State complaint at the top for a few days then move it down the blog. Recently I have been concentrating on the Beckford suit in Az.

And just a few words of warning to you folks that look in from Target: When you reach the pay level where your employeer thinks it would be cheaper to replace you with a 'new' employee or when you get close to being able to 'retire', then you will probably find yourselves the victim of the Target stealth policy of writing you up for some bogus crap and firing you.

The favorite reasons seem to be: 1) leaving a door unlocked, 2) improper use/purchase of gift cards or 3) leaving money in a register at closing.

You folks who look in from HQ and the DC's are probably just skimming this blurb thinking that all this just applies to the folks out in the stores and that you have nothing to worry about.

On Tuesday, Jan. 27 2009, Target Corp. cut 9 percent of headquarters workforce, 1,000 positions were involved. No advance warning was given, employees were called into the HR office, discharged and escorted out of the building by Tarbutt Security. Reportedly they were not even allowed to return to their desks, they just 'disappeared'.

The cuts affected 9 percent of their workforce at headquarters locations. This included about 600 layoffs and eliminating 400 open positions primarily in the Twin Cities. The majority of these changes were effective 1/27/09.

Summary: Target is out for its own bottom line, they don't give a crap about you or how many years you worked there. If their bean counters think you make too much or you are to close to retirement then you are gone. Remember this: TARGET SUCKS!

Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself:

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