If you thought Target was 'Goofy' and 'Dopey' -

you weren't far off!

At both Disney and Target, " Visitors are not customers, they are "guests".

As far back as 1989 there has been a connection between the Magic Kingdom and Tarbutt.

Brinkoetter, a Disney spokesman of 17 years ago, said in the Discount Store News, of May 3, 1993 that: "We had a Target executive four years ago who was looking for customer service solutions outside his organization.

After he completed the program, and Target opened some stores in this area, I visited some of the stores and was gratified to see that they have picked up our guest nomenclature, and they have created a Target University, modeled after our Disney University," said Brinkoetter.

Programs are tailored to the individual needs of companies, but they average 60 to 65 people in each session. Participants come from the retail sector, health care, finance and banking, airlines and manufacturing.

So if you thought your local Tarbutt was staffed with a bunch of clowns you were right!

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