Target Tries to Screw Customer - Picked on Wrong Guy

I keep telling folks how "Target Sucks" and every now and then I come across a story about how some consumer or employee got totally screwed by them.

Here is a link to another site where Tarbutt picked on the wrong guy to try to screw. It is titled: "How Target screwed me out of $425" and involves the TARGET Store #2248, 10720 SW Village Pkwy, Port St Lucie, FL 34987.

It is a bit to long to include here but take a look at the below link for details about this XBox purchase and what this consumer did to get the jerks at Tarbutt to finally see that they picked on the wrong guy.

Click on Link: http://www.vinz.net/targetsucks

The customer used a Debit card to pay, if you have to shop at Tarbutt at least pay with a credit card (V/MC/AMX) so if you have this sort of problem you can 'dispute' the charge with the card company. They will almost always take the consumers side in these disputes.