See! I keep telling you that TARGET SUCKS!

Target alters how it handles coupons

Cashiers told to hand-process money-saving slips after customers were shortchanged

November 08, 2010

By Gregory Karp, Tribune reporter

Target Corp. in recent days has apparently issued a new store policy that requires cashiers to temporarily hand-process customer coupons, following media reports that the discounter was shortchanging its customers nationwide. It promised a permanent fix within 10 days.

The mass merchandiser, with about 1,750 U.S. stores, for months has been crediting customers for only a fraction of the face value of certain manufacturer coupons. One of the biggest problems involved coupons that require purchasing multiple items.

In a Tribune story Oct. 28 that was reprinted nationwide, a Target spokeswoman faulted the stores' scanning machines and said the company was working on a fix.

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My Comment: Where is the money going for the full face value of the coupons that Target redeems with the manufacturer? A customer has an 70 Cent coupon, Tarbutt credits them 10 cents and sends the coupon back to the manufacturer for the full 70 cents + a per coupon handling fee, so where does the other 60 cents go?

Ans: Target keeps it!

Can you say: THEFT? Because that is what it is. Target is a THIEF and if they don't like the comment then they can sue me AGAIN. Maybe this time they will hire an legal firm that can at least find their ass with both hands, the last 2 apparantly couldn't so they didn't win 1 cent last time aroud.