Target Employee Fired Over Black Friday Trampling Incident

Now that the dust has settled Tarbutt is doing some damage control over the Buffalo Target Trampling Incident and has canned Lou Orlando, their 14 year Security Manager at the Buffalo store. He says that the reason was that the 53 second video made it to the internet and that Tarbutt is looking for a scapegoat for the incident.

Orlando said he was fired, "Because I didn't make certain phone calls in the correct amount of time. . .you make a call to corporate to call people who need to know in our district that something has happened".

However Orlando says after the incident he couldn't make calls, because he still had hundreds of customers shopping. He wanted to stay on the floor to make sure nothing else went wrong.
The local TV stations and the internet video, shows customers running over each other to be the first ones in the door and one man at the Buffalo store suffered a herniated disk after being trampled by his other shoppers. Tarbutt has agreed to take care of his medical bills.
Orlando also alleges that Target said that he didn't follow the correct procedure, using barricades to stop what he called "line crashers." He said that Target also cut funding to certain stores for paid police patrol so authorities were not on the scene...and Orlando is not trained in crowd contro l. . . so he says he made the best decision he could, with what resources he had. He concluded, "I think I did a darn good job. What more can one man do."
Hey, Lou, got any spare copies of the latest Target AP Directives for me?