Target Now at War with LGBT Rights Groups!

Target Denied Preliminary Ban on Equality Group Collecting Signatures Outside Stores

Embattled corporation Target, that also saw its partnership with music star and LGBT-rights advocate Lady Gaga dissolve this week, was dealt another blow Tuesday when a San Diego judge refused Target's attorneys a motion to prevent grassroots marriage equality campaigners from gathering petition signatures outside stores in California while Target's legal case against them is heard.

Target has faced heavy criticism from LGBT rights groups after it was revealed last year that the discount store giant had donated funds to MN Forward, a group that directly supported anti-gay candidate Tom Emmer in his failed 2010 run for governor of Minnesota.
When told that Target has a no-solicitation policy, the protesters assert a right to free speech and, attorneys for Target claim, refuse to leave Target premises. Documents note that when law authorities have been called, they too have refused to remove solicitors on free speech grounds.

Court documents also suggest that those acting on behalf of Target are concerned that the chain may be perceived as being pro-gay marriage which, in turn, will cost them business, with one document saying:

"Some guests have told us that they are offended by the controversial pro-gay marriage messaging of the solicitors, and that they assume Target promotes the same view."

Full story at: http://tinyurl.com/4eqljg8


In one court document* filed on behalf of Daniel Brown, who described his role as being an Executive Team Lead for Assets Protection for Target Corp., he declared that the CFAC volunteers at the Poway Target “typically come in pairs with clipboards, stand within 10 feet of the main exit door, for much of the day, and ask guests leaving the store to sign a pro-gay marriage petition or to make a donation using a credit card to an electronic credit card reader attached to a phone.”

* for 8 page court document see: http://www.sdgln.com/docs/target_03-08-2011-8.pdf   
Article at: http://www.sdgln.com/news/2011/03/08/breaking-news-target-sues-grass-roots-canvass-cause-stop-petition-signing

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