I have 3 sitemeters on my blog sites, every now and then I check them to see who is visiting my blogs. Today I saw another visit from:  IP Address:  Target Corporation,

Country:  United States
Region:  Minnesota
City:  Minneapolis
ISP:  Target Corporation

and the person got to me through googling: working at Target corporate

Backtracking I saw that the person came via a site I had not known of called Measured Up, a site for consumer comments and complaints. They have a largish section on good old Tarbutt, so I am pleased to let you know of this site where you can go to see just what a crappy firm that Tarbutt is, all this thanks to someone working at the Tarbutt Corporate Office who was goofing off and provided me with a nice blog entry.

Take a look at: http://target-reviews.measuredup.com/1775