Pa. woman sues over Target debt collection!

CNBC, AP and The Consumerist have picked up and reported the latest Tarbutt outrage. "AP: ' a Pa. woman sues over Target debt collection"

The basic allegation is:  "A western Pennsylvania woman filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday against Target Corp. and its law firm over the discount department store chain's debt collection practices, saying false affidavits were used to go after customers who allegedly owed money to a subsidiary bank that issues the store's credit cards."

The plaintiff, Vicki Higgins is trying to obtain class action status for her suit saying that Target and their law firm, Patenaude and Felix APC (photo R), is: 'violating federal racketeering and Pennsylvania's fair credit laws.'

Ms Higgins was initially sued by Tarbutt in April 2009, but the suit was dropped five months later, however by that time she had piled up legal bills defending it and she now is suing not only to recover her costs but wants to make it a class action suit as well.  False notarized affidavits alleging debts were used in Targets filing against Ms. Higgins.

Having delt with 2 of Tarbutts law firms in a 23 month suit where they tried to close down this blogsite I know what a bunch of sleeze bags they are and I hope that they get their butts kicked.