Unhappy returns: Woman targets Target with baseball bat

Donna Rosenberger, 39, of Cranberry, just had enough of Tarbutts crap over returns and with a baseball bat broke 6 windows out of the front doors of the Tarbutt store, 9805 McKnight Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

She tried to return 2 ice cream makers that she had purchased with a check. A clerk, offered her a gift card for the value of the items instead of cash. Police released Rosenberger on her own recognizance for a later court appearance.  Good for you Donna!

We need more consumer activists willing to let this 3rd rate crappy retail chain know what their customers think of them.  Here is the brief story FYI:

From:  http://post-gazette.com/pg/11175/1155971-100.stm
Friday, June 24, 2011

By Ryan Brown, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
 A disgruntled customer attacked a McCandless Target store's windows with a baseball bat around 11 this morning, police said.

According to McCandless Police Chief Gary Anderson, a female customer, incensed over Target's return policy, armed herself with a baseball bat and smashed in the store's windows before security guards managed to subdue her.

Police arrived soon after and transported the woman to a holding cell, where she awaits the filing of formal charges. Chief Anderson said she likely will be charged with criminal mischief, with additional charges possible.

A Target manager said she could not provide a damage assessment for the attack.
see also:  http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2011/06/24/frustrated-woman-grabs-louisville-slugger-smashes-target-store-windows/ and you can also watch a 1:23 video of her coming out of the Police Station (15 sec. advertisement plays first)  http://www.wpxi.com/news/28348223/detail.html