Target Manager Fired For Working Through Lunch

Jason Kellner worked at the Target store in Oxford, Alabama as a Senior Team Leader and sometimes Leader on Duty for 8 years until firing 9/13/2011. His ending rate of pay was $20.37 per hour.

Plaintiff and other STLs had complained at meetings about not getting uninterrupted 30 minute meal breaks. Shortly after that Defendant Target terminated him for working during his 30 minute breaks which is contrary to Target policy, ie: "performing work activities" without being clocked in”.

Plaintiff disputes that and files in Federal Court claiming he was fired in retaliation for his initial complaints
News report at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/17/target-manager-fired-lunch-break_n_1016100.html  only page #1 of the 8 page complaint is here and you can see the entire 8 pages at: