Is Tarbutt all that Amazing?

Misc Tarbutt Facts:
The first Target store opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962 and since then the company has grown to 1,772 stores across 49 states.

Some 355,000 workers are employed at Target and the average sales team member earns a little more than $8 an hour.

The average shopper at Target is 40 years old and has a household income of $64,000. Some 43 per cent have children at home.

Misc. 'Amazing' Tarbutt Quotes from customers:
lol $8 an hour? they are kidding right? Do you really think someone getting paid so little really cares? lol -Fracis JOnes, tampa, United States, 2/10/2012
How about paying your employees better, for starters? - drago42, Gary IN, 10/2/2012

The CEO of Target was paid $24 million last year in salary, bonuses and stock options, while the performance of the stock was mediocre at best. Assuming that one of his 99-percenter "team members" works full-time for 2000 hours in a year at $8 an hour, that's $16,000. The CEO's pay equals that of 1500 of the serfs, put together. I assume that if he's fired by the board of directors, his golden parachute is worth a whole lot more that the two-weeks-notice-and-out-the-door one of the serfs will see upon being laid off to join the reserve army of the unemployed. Welcome to Amazing! - The Western Breed, California, United States, 10/1/2012

I don't care for an amazing attitude, just an employee who knows where to find things. Unfortunately, most of them do not. And it's not their fault. It's the company's fault for not keeping them around long enough to learn where to find things. If it was such an amazing place to be, the turnover would not be so high. - NYCER, New York, 10/2/2012

Frankly, I think the CEO of Target needs to do a couple of stints as an "Undercover Boss". See how many people he dazzles on minimum wage. Puh Lease!!!! - sorryfornoticing , Los Angeles, 10/2/2012

Well, apparently I'm a wizard because every time I'm in a Target store I become INVISIBLE to the sales staff. - sorryfornoticing , Los Angeles, 10/2/2012

you know what would be AMAZING, Target? If you had more than one register open at any given time. - gryphonesse, Houston

Just as hotels should not call their guests "customers", a goods store company should not call his customers "guests", since they are not. A guest involves someone that one invites over for entertainment purposes, a meal, or to sleep over. - Nicholas Palazzo, New York, 10/2012

What I find amazing is how bad Targets customer services is, check out clerks, managers, Corporate customer service. Amazing how well they seem to be able to hire people whom I Q and age match ,It's always a hassle about something What I also find amazing is Amazon. Amazingly good customer service, Nothing is too much trouble, any minor issues handled promptly.and efficiently So not so amazingly I shop at Amazon not Target. - Wendy, Stamford, 10/2012

The top brass at Target obviously have not visited any of their stores (as a customer not management) in the past several years if they think this manual will work.. Target's customer service has gone downhill so quickly in the past year or two & I'm not sure if its pay scale related or working conditions but their "team members" are definitely not happy campers & it shows in how they treat customers ( used to be called guests ).. - nana41, Manhattan NY, 10/2012

Target talking about customer service is laughable. I once bought about 6 items on Target.com, & paid using my credit card. They shipped each item separately, even though I chose the option to have them all shipped in as few shipments as possible. They put a hold on my card for the full amount, then each time they shipped an item charged me for the item that shipped and put a new hold on my card for the remainder, without clearing the previous hold. I ended up with hundreds of dollars tied up in "holds" that they refused to clear because "they would drop off automatically after 7 days." Unfortunately, that left me with no money to buy groceries or anything else until they all dropped off; they refused to do anything even though I was desperate and spent hours on the phone with various managers. That's where customer service matters, not some kid pretending to be your buddy. - morton20, NY, 10/2012

I had some salesperson follow me around a store the other day asking if she could help me. She said it the first time I picked something up. I said no thank you, I'm just looking, put the item down and moved away. I picked up a different item and she started in on what an amazing item that was. I repeated thank you, but I'm just looking right now. I had my ipod in my pocket from exercising so I put on my earbuds to discourage her so I could keep browsing. Undeterred, she followed me into the next department and gushed about their sales. I finally gave up and left without buying anything. If she had taken the hint the first time and let me browse on my own I probably would have bought something. - Me, Reading This, United States

the nearest target for me is 25 miles away----and definately not worth the drive. - sakara, penntucky, 10/2012

I miss the days of really good customer service when sales people would help you find things and then promptly get out of your way instead of asking personal questions and trying to be your new best friend. - Cherry, New York City, 10/2012

Obviously, this training program hasn't made it's way to my local Target store, where sales people walk right past while you're obviously looking for something. Where you stand and wait while two teenaged employees are busy discussing their weekend activities while glance at you with a "get lost" look. Hope it gets here soon. - Bluehenfan, North East, 10/2012

You know what would be "Amazing" to find at my local Target? If they ever had more than 2 lines open at one time. There's 25 registers for a store with easily 50,000 square feet and millions of dollars in stock... and it always takes 10 minutes to check out. The checkout is the customer's last, lingering impression of the store, and they always fail there. There's never a line to checkout at Amazon, though...- Tyler Haas, Fort Myers, United States, 10/2/2012

I don't like Target for the simple fact that all of their merchandise is made in China, and people wonder why our economy is hurting so bad. People need to raise their standards and buy USA only! - gibson29, anonsville, United States, 10/2/2012

One of my pet peeves about these stores is that they call me a guest. I am NOT a guest (if I were, I wouldn't be presented with a bill at the end). I am a customer. I don't want to be treated as a sales representative's best friend. I want courteous and knowledgeable service. I want reasonably priced goods, but am willing to pay more for better service. - Katharyn, Baltimore, 10/2/2012

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