See, I keep telling you that Target Sucks!

Target Gift Card Screw Up -

The after Xmas rush to use up gift cards has over 40,000 card holders finding out that they have totally dud cards. 

Cashiers rung up the cards incorrectly by scanning the wrong code and those cards are now being rejected all across the country. 

Usually when a firm announced a number of impacted people they minimize the screw up, so the number 40,000 is quite likely to go much higher but of course only Target will know the exact number. 

Can you say: "Class Action suit?!"  

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Other Civil Suits Coming?

We know that there has been a flood of Class Action suits across the country due to the data breach of 40,000,000 cards.  

Below is an interesting quote from the end of a long article discussing the possible liability Target has.  The law professor author seems to think that the real Target problem is not the class action suits but the fallout from banks and credit card firms who are harmed by the loss of the target data:

"Even if consumer lawsuits against Target fail, banks like Chase and Citibank could sue Target to help pay for the cost of cleaning up the mess of the retailer’s recent loss of card information to hackers. 

Banks have to spend lots of money investigating possibly fraudulent transactions; some banks will lose money on fraudulent charges; and the cost of issuing new replacement cards is also pricey." 

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Target Confirms PIN Data Also Stolen In Credit/Debit Card Hack

 By Chris Morran December 27, 2013 
See full article at: http://consumerist.com/2013/12/27/target-confirms-pin-data-also-stolen-in-creditdebit-card-hack/ 

After days of denying a report that hackers had stolen encrypted PIN data from some 40 million Target shoppers, the retailer has finally admitted that yes, this information was indeed collected during the 3-week-long data breach.

Because the PIN info is encrypted, Target tells USA Today, “We remain confident that PIN numbers are safe and secure.” Without the encryption key used by Target’s external payment processor, that PIN info can not be accessed. Target says this key was never stored on the retailers’ payment systems so it could not have been stolen during the breach. 

Reuters was the first to report that PIN data had been stolen, but Target denied the story saying at the time that it had “no reason to believe that PIN data, whether encrypted or unencrypted, was compromised.” 


Always nice to see that Tarbutt HQ is keeping up with my little blog site and know what a screwed up and consumer unfriendly company they work for!

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Target Class Action Suits

click on link to view the actual court filings:  http://targetstoressucks.blogspot.com

Update:  The total has risen to a dozen with more to come.  They all read about the same as the facts are not in dispute, so when you read one you have really read them all.

Samantha Wredberg vs Target Corp, Case No. 13-cv-05901, (San Francisco, Ca) U.S. District Court, Northern District of California.

Lisa Purcell vs Target Corp, 3:13-cv-02274-JE, (Portland, Or.) U.S. District of Oregon

Jennifer Kirk vs Target Corporation, CV-13-5885, (San Francisco) U.S. District Court Northern District.

Kathryn V. Dickson vs Target Corp. (Montgomery, AL) United States District Court, Middle District of Alabama, Northern Division


Target May Be Liable For Up To $3.6 Billion From Credit Card Data Breach
Tech Crunch:
(Target could face a $90 fine for each cardholder’s data compromised, which translates to a $3.6 billion liability) 

Non-US Cards Used At Target Fetch Premium
Krebs on Security:

Cards Stolen in Target Breach Flood Underground Markets
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The “Target Breach Flood” Is Already Appearing On The Carder Black Market; Target Reacts
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Target Sued After Putting More Than 40 Million Customers At Risk

Reuters  |  By Jim Finkle and Dhanya Skariachan
     Posted: 12/20/2013   
Full story at:  

A customer in California filed a class-action lawsuit*against the company late on Thursday, the first of what lawyers said could be many such suits.

Samantha Wredbergsaid in a court filing that she was a regular shopper at Target and had used her credit card at a company store on December 8. Besides seeking damages, Wredberg asked the court to certify the lawsuit as class action.

She also asked the court to explore whether "Target unreasonably delayed in notifying affected customers of the data breach".

The theft of credit and debit card data from Target customers could end up costing hundreds of millions of dollars, but it is unclear who will bear the expense, lawyers and industry sources said.

* Wredberg v. Target Corporation, Case Number: 3:2013cv05901, Filed:  December 19, 2013, Court: California Northern District Court - Direct link:    http://targetstoressucks.blogspot.com/

Article:  'The Incredibly Clever Way Thieves Stole 40 Million Credit Cards From 2,000 Target Stores In A 'Black Friday' Sting'

Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/target-credit-card-hackers-2013-12#ixzz2o4aifZwB