Target Dictionary of Definitions


AP - Assets protection, the security team. Only AP team members are trained to apprehend shoplifters/con artists/etc.

APS - Assets Protection Specialist (undercover AP team member)

Brand Attendant - A team member in a high risk store who takes care of tasks such as keeping the restrooms, cleaning up spills, etc.

Cart Attendant - Team member whose responsibility is to retrieve carts from the parking lot, check the restrooms, pick up hangers and defective merchandise, among other things

DTL - District team lead

ETL - Executive Team Lead. A "manager"

ETL-AP - Executive Team Lead - Assets Protection

ETL-GE - Executive Team Lead - Guest Experience (formerly ETL-Guest Service/ETL-GS), the ETL in charge of the front end. In low volume stores, this position is often combined with ETL-SL.

ETL-HL - Executive Team Lead - Hardlines

ETL-HR - Human Resources

ETL-LOG - Executive Team Lead - Logistics

ETL-REPL - Executive Team Lead - Replenishment

ETL-RX - Pharmacist

ETL-SL - Executive Team Lead - Softlines. In low volume stores, this position is often combined with ETL-GE.

Flow - The overnight team that unloads the trucks and pushes merchandise to the floor and stockroom

Guest - Target's term for a customer.

GSA - Guest Service Attendant, basically team member who carries many of the same roles as a GSTL. First started in 2008

GSTL (cashier supervisor, or simply just "Cash-sup") - Guest Service Team Lead, team lead in charge of guest services and the front lanes

LOD - An ETL who serves as the manager on duty. A LOD is usually an ETL, but an ETL is not always an LOD   (Leader On Duty)

Operator - Team member who both answers the phones and assists guests at the fitting rooms

SFT - The team member who is in charge of maintaining the store and equipment

Specialist (Level 2) - Team member who carries more responsibilities in a particular department. This position was eliminated as part of AE09.

SrTL - Senior Team Lead

STL - Store Team Lead - The ETL in charge of the store. The "general manager"

Team Leader (Level 3) - Team member who is in charge of a particular department. A "supervisor"

TLOD - Team Leader on Duty

TPS - Target Protection Specialist (uniformed AP team member)

SrTPS - Senior Target Protection Specialist

Areas of the Store:

239 - The extension for the Cash Office. May be announced when an LOD is needed in the cash office. In some stores this is known as a Code Black

Cash Office - The part of the store where money is handled when not in the register.

Chargebacks (Reverse Logistics) - The section in receiving that handles defective merchandise

Fire Aisle - A hallway between the stockroom and receiving in many stores. It should be completely clear.

Food Avenue (Food Service, Target Cafe) - The "snack bar". In older stores, Food Ave may also have a grill and deep fryer. Some Food Avenue locations may also include a Pizza Hut Express and/or a Taco Bell Express. Some stores also have a Starbucks

Hardlines - The 55 percent of the store where general merchandise besides clothing is sold

HBA - Health and Beauty

Logistics - Backroom

Mini Seasonal - A small section of the store that sells seasonal merchandise, especially smaller stuff (eg. for Halloween, candy will be in Mini Seasonal while costumes and decorations are in rear seasonal). It is usually either located at the front near the registers or in the back next to Rear Seasonal

MMB - Music, Movies, and Books

One Spot (See Spot Save, Dollar Spot) - A section near the front of the store that sells assorted trinkets for either a dollar or $2.50

Racetrack - The main aisle around the perimeter of the store.

Ready-To-Wear - The main section of women's clothing

Receiving - The part of the stores where the trucks are unloaded

Seasonal - An area (usually at the back of the store) that sells seasonal merchandise, such as Christmas, Halloween, patio, Global Bazaar, etc.

Softlines - The carpeted 45 percent of the store that contains clothing. Some items are softlines in some stores but not in others. Usually infant/baby supplies are in a section of softlines called "infant hardlines". This section has tile floor and normal gondolas.

TMSC, TSC- Team member Service Center, the place where time-off requests, availability change requests, punch correction forms, paychecks, etc. are handled.

Tools and Equipment:

Baler - The large machine in receiving that eats used corrugated boxes. You need to be at least 18 and certified to operate it.

Compacter - The large machine and dumpster in receiving that compacts garbage that cannot be recycled. You need to be at least 18 and certified to operate it.

Crown (Stacker)- Forklift like vehicle that you walk behind to stack/double stack pallets. You must be 18 and certified to use. This is a misnomer, the machine itself is a stacker. Crown is the company that makes it.

DTK - Diagnostic Toolkit. Shows various store stats and metrics, including cashier speed, guest service scores, backroom location accuracy, etc.

TIPP - The computer interface used to order supplies, such as fixtures, bags, etc.

Eureka! - A website that provides answers to most common questions

GRPDA - Gift Registry PDA - PDAs located at Guest Services used by guests to manage gift registries. Virtually identical to the LPDA except for the red casing and different software. Some stores may use the older Symbol Phaser scanners

LPDA - Leader PDA, a smaller version of the standard PDA. Usually used by Team Leads and Executives.

LRT - Laser Radio Terminal, phased out. Replaced by PDT's in many stores

MAX FSTL (Forecasting, Scheduling, Time, and Labor)- The software that manages scheduling, time-clock punches, among other clerical things.

MSA - Mobile Salesfloor Assistant - A large tablet-computer sort of device which was piloted for salesfloor teams to view planograms while on the salesfloor. Phased out.

NOP - Not on Planogram, meaning the item has not been set onto the salesfloor. Also slang for "Not Our Problem" by the flow teams.

PDA - Personal digital assistant - a more high tech version of the PDT with a touch screen and a graphical UI. Replaces the LRT/PDT.

PDT - Portable Data Terminal - Basically the same as an LRT, but with a bigger screen and slightly different key layout. Phased out in favor of PDA's.

POS - Point of sale. Basically the software that runs on the registers, can also refer to the register itself. Do not give into the temptation on this one.

QuicKart(cart pusher, cart mover) - The machine that cart attendants use in higher volume stores to assist with bringing in carts. Must be 16 and certified to operate.

RF devices - There are several types of these, including LRT's, PDT's, MSA's, PDA's, GRPDA's, and LPDA's

Walkie - Walkie talkies that team members (and the Indyme announcement system) use to communicate

WAVE - Work Assist Vehicle. Vehicle used primarily in the back room for retrieving merchandise from high shelves. A bit like a ladder, but a lot more fun! You need to be certified to drive it though

Workbench - A website that allows store team members to find out store stats, view announcements from HQ, and find common questions. Includes links to DTK, Online Planogram, Eureka!, and mySupport.

Z-Rack - A movable clothing rack used for stocking hanging softlines merchandise. Named for the Z-shaped frame on the base


Target Store Classificiations

Volume classifications are based on yearly sales, and go as such.

• AAA+ $85M and above
• AAA $77.3 - $85
• AA+ $69.5 - $77.3
• AA $60.5 - $69.5
• A+ $51.5 - $60.5
• A $42 - $51.5
• B $32.5 - $42
• C $23 - $32.5
• D $23 or less

ULV is an acronym meaning ultra-low volume and is typically used in reference to D and C volume stores.


Target AP Job Descriptions

Executive Team Lead - Asset Protection:
Lead a team that delivers the AP mission statement.

Accountable for:
• Ensuring TPS is professional and is creating a Safeness Culture.
• Creating a Safeness Culture by ensuring all team members (especially for ETLs) are up-to-date on training requirements..
• Ensuring all teams adhere to premise and perimeter safeness programs such as pre-opening and post-closing controls.
• Responding to all safeness incidents and developing and implementing solution to safeness concerns.
• Supervising the team to ensure all equipment is deployed and functioning properly (CCTV, alarms, parking lot lighting)

• Identifying, investigating and resolving internal and external cases.
• Ensuring Store and AP teams are focused on impacting shortage in the Electronics and Entertainment departments.
• Utilizing all reports, intelligence data and equipment to focus investigative efforts and developing and implementing solutions to investigative issues.
• Managing staffing to allocated budget.

• Building strong partnerships with law enforcement and community agencies to minimize or mitigate potential safeness incidents.
• Sharing intelligence data with local Stores, Investigations, Supply Chain and law enforcement to close cases.
• Managing all team members to ensure they adopt AP mission, expanding the reach of the AP team.

• Supervising and directing the day-to-day operations of the AP team.
• Ensuring the AP team is in clean with proper uniforms, including name badges.
• Selecting, developing and retaining great teams.
• Demonstrating leadership by providing honest feedback, coaching, mentoring and recognition.
• Providing a clean and safe shopping and working environment for guests and team members.
• Participating in new team member orientation.
• Using the Es of Excellence to complete accurate assessments of direct reports’ performance and potential; evaluating own leadership skills in managing the performance of different team members; developing a personal plan to improve performance management skills.

Also supports the Store’s Mission by:
• Utilizing merchandise protection programs to minimize theft and maximize sales.
• Investigating and resolving outs caused by theft.
• Leading the store team in rapid response to crisis and emergency situations.

• Driving a shortage culture every day; identifying potential shortage concerns and taking appropriate partners to ensure action is taken to address any shortage.
• Driving a safety culture; leading by example, actively participating in the monthly safety focus and immediately addressing safety concerns.
• Returning stores to “Business as Usual” as quickly as possible after a crisis situation.

Reports directly to District Assets Protection Team Leader and indirectly to the Store Team Leader. Supervises Senior Assets Protection Specialist, Assets Protection Specialist and Target Protection Specialists. Works closely with Market or National Investigations Team and manages the contract guard program where applicable. Interacts with store team members at all levels.

• College degree or equivalent experience (blend of college and leadership experience totaling four years).
• Two years investigative and/or retail store experience.
• Energy – courageous; strong bias for action; drives for speed; will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Demonstrates accountability and courage.
• Enthusiasm - ability to motivate and inspire others; challenges to ensure every team member contributes. Communicates effectively; maximizes relationships; builds trust and manages performance.
• Execution – Prioritizes; focuses on the most important things; follows best practices; creative; gets things done.
• Excellence - delivers great results; provides a superior Target brand experience for guests and team members.
• Demonstrated ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Demonstrated strategic planning and analytical skills.
• Demonstrated strong leadership skills relating to guest and team member interaction.
• Strong interpersonal, organization, conflict management, administration, reasoning and decision making skills.
• Ability to delegate responsibility effectively and provide clear oral directions to others.
• Strong cognitive skills, including problem analysis, decision making, financial and quantitative analysis.
Job Knowledge
• Strong communication skills.
• Strong interviewing skills.
• Able to work with highly confidential information.
• Able to apprehend and confront guests or team members in a calm, professional and diplomatic manner.
• Knowledge of all areas of Assets Protection, including internal investigations and the use of electronic detection equipment.
• Knowledge of Target Information Systems.
• Able to access and move around all areas of the store quickly.

Physical Ability
• Able to climb ladders and access second floor observations booths.
• Able to access all areas of the building to respond to safety issues.

• College degree.
• Target experience.


Job Title: Group Assets Protection Team Leader

Target Group Protection TL
REPORTING/WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: Reports directly to the Director, Target Assets Protection Stores, and indirectly to the RSVP/RVP or Spoke Director.
Exempt Position...

Leads and manages Assets Protection functions to meet financial goals within a district. Supervises, coordinates and supports Assets Protection personnel in the protection and recovery of company assets.

1. Team Development: Directly supervises 6-12 APTL’s. Indirectly supervises all Assets Protection Team Members within a district. Responsible to ensure recruiting and retention programs are in place, and that developmental programs are in place for all Assets Protection Team Members within a district. Ensures executive and hourly staffing levels are maintained within the district. Champions Diversity for Assets Protection Team and influence client organization in their diversity development.
2. Training: Ensures all assets protection team members within the assigned district are trained to the expectations of the Company. Works with the GAPTL in the development and proper maintenance of all training materials.
3. Investigations: Responsible for all investigations and internal interviews involving losses in accordance with company guidelines; evaluates executive investigations, determining appropriate courses of action. Works with the MIT on all organized external theft cases within the district.
4. Stock Shortage: Reduced stock shortage to or below goal levels through the execution of all internal and external theft detection and deterrence programs. Implements and executes educational and awareness programs to create a stock shortage elimination culture within all stores within a district. Ensures the proper installation of CCTV technology to deter and monitor dishonest internal and external theft activity. Works with the store team to ensure operational efficiency through follow-up and accountability by conducting in-depth store visits. Assists individual high stock shortage stores in development and implementation of stock shortage elimination plans and initiatives. Takes a leadership role in driving all theft, fraud and awareness related stock shortage programs.
5. Fiscal Management/Expense Control: Completes budget preparation for 2515. Ensures attainment of payroll plan. Negotiates contracts as needed. Recommends capital expenditures and administers all appropriate operational needs submitting capital expenditure requests for consideration. Administers approved projects.
6. Physical Security: Maintains cost effective controls protecting all facilities in the Region. Recommends changes to existing protection systems or procedures to improve protection. Provides a leadership role in emergency disaster and crisis situations.
7. Risk Management: Recommends preventative measures to reduce or eliminate claim liability. Evaluates accident frequency and expense by store. Works with store management to reduce frequency and expense. Evaluates demands made from attorneys or guests and headquarters staff to effectively ensure timely and equitable settlement on Target’s behalf. Acts as a company representative in all cases involving the judicial process.
8. Check/Credit Card Management: Ensures check/credit card acceptance procedures are being followed at store level per company guidelines. Makes recommendations to enhance current authorization system of procedures. Ensures fraudulent checks and credit fraud are filed with local authorities when appropriate.
9. Community Relations/Law Enforcement Liaison – Develops and maintains a positive working relationship with officials, agencies, and assets protection organizations. Ensures that a positive company image is maintained. Works pro-actively with legislative and other governmental bodies on issues pertaining to Target. Coordinates non-solicitation policy activities to ensure company image is maintained.
10. Store Openings/Remodels: Coordinates new store opening process to ensure that construction, staffing, training, and operational activities are properly planned and executed. Participates in the remodel process, ensuring construction, staffing and the necessary alarm protection is planned and implemented.
11. Crisis Management: Ensures the Assets Protection Team Members are trained to respond appropriately to all types of crisis incurred. Is the leader in Crisis Management situation within the district.

Reports directly to the Director, Target Assets Protection Stores, and indirectly to the RSVP/RVP or Spoke Director. Works closely with Internal Audit, Risk Management and Store Operations. Interacts with all members of the Assets Protection Leadership Team dependent on the contributions of each of those team members.

• Five years retail Asset Protection experience with three to five years multi-store supervision experience
• Able and willing to travel throughout the region (60-70%)
• Strong analytical, communication, interpersonal and conflict management skills
• College degree

Found at:


District Assets Protection Manager - Pasadena, CA
Company: Target
Location: US-CA-Pasadena
Base Pay: N/A Employee
Type: Full-Time Employee
Industry: Securities
Manages Others: no
Job Type: Retail Req'd
Education: 4 Year Degree Req'd
Experience: More than 5 Years Req'd
Travel: Not Specified
Relocation Covered: No

Posted Date : 10/5/2006
Contact: Not Available
Phone: Not Available
Email: Not Available Fax: Not Available
Ref ID: 37381BR

DESCRIPTION See Yourself At Target

Employing more than 270,000 team members in 47 states, we value creativity, diversity and collaboration in all its forms. From stocking our stores' shelves with fantastic products at great prices to a deep commitment to community giving, Target strives for excellence in every area.

Assets Protection
As a member of the Assets Protection team, you'll create tools, programs and metrics that are designed to support safeness and reduce theft and fraud.

As a District Assets Protection Team Leader, you will manage the Assets Protection programs that keep stores safe and profitable by reducing stock shortages and monitoring stores' readiness for inventory.

See Yourself:
Managing high quality team to create a secure shopping environmentSupervising a district comprised of 7-14 storesHiring and developing the most capable Assets Protection team leadersManaging your district's Assets Protection operating budgetCoordinating new store processes and making improvements to existing systemsTaking an active role in risk management issuesIdentifying and resolving check and credit card fraud cases, community relations and special projects as neededEnsuring great guest service

Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
4-year degreeSkills and experience to oversee our Assets Protection programs for several stores5 or more years retail and/or Assets Protection experience with at least 2 years in a multi-unit supervisory and/or investigative capacityAbility to communicate clearly and effectivelyStrong problem analysis and decision-making skillsSolid conflict management skills; experience conducting interviewsAbility and willingness to travel throughout your district

See The Rewards
Eligible team members will receive one of the best earnings packages anywhere, including competitive pay, all-around insurance coverage, 401(k), flexible scheduling, training and development and many other perks and benefits. See a place of exciting challenges and rewards.

See a place where you'll feel empowered to do something brilliant. See a place filled with creativity and unlimited opportunity. See a place where 'work' could easily be called play. To apply, visit our careers Web site at Target.com/careers to view all career opportunities. See yourself here. Target is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and is a Drug-Free

Ideal retail candidates show a high level of performance. In addition business experience in purchasing, sales, merchandising, supervision and business is desirable.


Assets Protection & Target Protection Specialist -Phoenix, AZ

Company: Target
Location: US-AZ-Phoenix
Base Pay: N/A Employee Type: Part-Time Employee
Industry: Retail
Manages Others: no
Job Type: Retail Req'd Education: High School Req'd Experience: Less Than 1 Year Req'd Travel: Not Specified
Relocation Covered: No

Posted Date : 10/27/2006 Ref ID: Not Available
DESCRIPTION See a company like no other. See where risk-taking is applauded. See a world of opportunity. See the hip new thing. See the new style. See your future. See yourself in red. See you soon.


Target Protection Specialist
Aggressively address all issues of safeness, theft and fraud to deliver a fast, fun and friendly experience for our guests and team members
Create a safe environment for our guests and team members
Prevent loss of merchandise through receipt checks and alarm responses
Gather, retain and communicate safeness, theft and fraud issues
Maintain a professional appearance and presence
Ensure security systems are working properly
And more

REQUIREMENTS We're looking for:
High school graduate or equivalent
18 years of age or older
Two years of investigation and/or retail experience
Good communication and interpersonal skills

See the rewards:
Target merchandise discount
Competitive pay
Flexible scheduling

See Yourself At Target: Employing more than 270,000 team members in 47 states, we value creativity, diversity and collaboration in all its forms. From stocking our stores' shelves with fantastic products at great prices to a deep commitment to community giving, Target strives for excellence in every way.

To apply: Click on the Apply Button to inform us of your interest and visit us at 16806 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85022

or complete a Target Employment Application on the employment kiosks located near the front of the store.