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The recent leaking of Target's AP Directives, if anything, proves that the bloggers first loyalty is to the blogging community.

Overreacting without carefully deciding on how best to deal with a nuisance blogger can often produce disasterous outcomes.

In the case of Target, bloggers discontent rose with news of Targets legalbot approach, and suddenly the containment strategy of tracking a single mystery blogger and shutting down their practice of disseminating confidential company information resulted in a rapid blogrolling of the AP Directives document on dozens of message boards, blog sites and consumer advocacy/gripe sites.

With this and recent news surrounding Target's AP Directives (anti-theft measures) being published by a mystery blogger, and later blogrolling on a number of other blog sites, it would not surprise me at all to find out that Fort Knox's CAD drawings, safe schema & specs, floor layouts, and other goodies useful for casing a robbery can be found online too.