These Walmart Theft Policy Updates took effect on July 9, 2007

A few changes have been made to AP-09, Investigation and Detention of Shoplifters. These revisions involve a change to one of the four elements required to approach a suspect, the prosecution and trespassing of minors, and processing of minors.

One of the four elements needed to approach and stop a shoplifter has been changed from exiting the facility to passing the last point of sale and reaching the vestibule, or final point of exit. This also includes any sidewalk sale where a register is present. The final point of exit for the following locations will be considered as follows:

1) TLE- the door after the register, opening into the bay.
2) Garden Center- after registers, EAS pedestals and outside.
3) Vision Centers- the doctor's door leading to the outside.

Prosecution of suspects has been changed from the "Minumum age of 18 to 16."
Trespassing suspects when certain conditions are present has also been changed "from 18 to 16 years of age."

Contacting a minor's parents/guardians and documenting efforts should be the first priority after apprehending a minor. The time allowed for contacting the parents has changed "from 45 minutes to 30 minutes." Also changed is the allowable time for the parents/guardians to arrive at the facility to pick up the minor, "from 90 minutes to 60 minutes." The 60 minutes begins upon notification of the parents/guardians. If the parents/guardians are not contacted or refuse to pick up the minor, police should be contacted and charges pursued against the minor, regardless of the amount of theft. Facility manager or manager in charge of facility should be contacted before calling the police.

Associates should make efforts to deter, rather than detain minor suspect when the following are present:

1) Suspect appears 12 years old or younger and
2) Are suspected of shoplifting items valued at $25 or less

STATE Specific instructions still apply, so be sure to check the dropdown box on the policy form for individual state information.

MAPMs should inform the APCs, APAs, and Store Managers of the changes to AP-09. MAPMs should ensure that the Store Managers inform all authorized associates of the changes to the policy as well. MAPMs will be responsible for completing an online verification form that will indicated if all authorized associates in their Market have been informed of the changed to AP-09 Policy, Investigations and Detention of Shoplifters. Completion of the verification form will be due by August 10, 2007 The form will be posted on the WIRE after updated to the policy take effect on July 9, 2007