Now you can tell Target how badly TARGET SUCKS!

When you have a complaint about Tarbutt usually the only number you can get to them through is the 800 customer non-service one which is about as useless as tits on a hog.
Try finding their directory listing and you get the switchboard who will NOT connect anyone to the Executive Office, they simply fob you off on the same customer non-service drones that you could have gotten with the 800 number. Here are some numbers for the high and mighty who don't want to be bothered with hearing from Joe & Jill Sixpack.

If you email or phone be sure and mention you got the number from 'Target Sucks' on his blog site. The info is also available on: http://consumerist.com

Target CEO Gregg W. Steinhafel's email and phone number:
Gregg "If you squint I look like Alec Baldwin" Steinhafel
fax: 612-696-6325

Assistant:Denise May

Phone numbers for others:
Bart Butzer, VP Stores: (612)-696-4968

Christopher Perrigo, VP Target India: (612)-761-0613

Doug Scovanner, EVP Finance & CFO: (612)-761-6610

Janet Shalk, EVP Target Tech Services: (612)-304-5155

Jodee Kolzak, EVP Human Resources: (612)-696-6111

John Griffith, EVP Property Dev: (612)-761-1487

Kathee Tesija, EVP Merchandising: (612)-696-6134

Michael Francis, EVP Marketing: (612)-696-2822

Mitch Stover, SVP Distribution: (612)-304-2787

Stacia Andersen, President TSS: (612)-696-2856

Tim Baer, EVP General Counsel: (612)-696-6648

Tory Risch, EVP Stores: (612)-696-2476