TARBUTT Gets Sued A Lot!

When Target isn't wasting their time suing poor bloggers they are very busy being sued!

Just looking back one year there are 289 suits involving Target. 99.5% where Target is being sued 1/2 of 1% when they initiate a suit (Like the Target v. John Doe one below).

In just the 11th Circuit where the Doe case was there were 42 filings in one year 41 against Target 1 they filed.
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The cases are usually Personal Injury (a NOS 360) as Target is actually quite a dangerous place, not as bad as Wally World (really, who could be that bad right!) but there are unsafe sidewalks, rapes in the parking lot and just crap falling off shelves onto passing customers.

Perhaps Tarbutt should call their customers 'litigants' rather than 'guests'.

The main category of suit is the Personal Injury but there are also Labor ('Nature of Suit' #790), Employment (NOS 442), Contract (NOS 190) and Trademark (NOS 840).

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