Target Corp v. John Doe is now Dismissed!

This civil action started on Sept. 5 of 2006 and dragged on until July 16, 2008.

The cost to John Doe was $0.
As far as costs for Tarbutt I can't say but they had law firms in Minneapolis ( http://www.faegre.com) and Atlanta working on it, they hired private investigators and process servers, got 2 dozen subpeonas served on various internet sites, even serving one on a mail drop I used; and as to that mail drop, their P.I. staked it out but never saw anyone of my description go in or out. Perhaps that was because I was having my mail forwarded by the drop.
Plus I no longer live at the home address they were using to try and serve me. In short Target will be getting a large bill from the Faegre & Benson law firm for their legal services, by my 'guess' about $250,000. I hope they tell F&B to buzz off, not that I like Tarbutt at all, but for such a crappy job it is just offensive to pay them anything at all.
I did get a kick out of reading the filing of the process server which said my neighbors told him that I was 'reclusive', 'strange' and 'would never answer the door'. Of course it is difficult to 'answer the door' if you are living in another state!
I guess they could always refile but probably they would want to avoid Judge Coopers' court as I think he is slightly pissed off to have it on his docket for 23 months with no results at all.
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