Consumer Reports Article FYI:

I have been bitching and moaning for over 4 years now about Tarbutt and in particular their consumer unfriendly return policy which treats consumers who have returns w/o receipt as if they stole the item.

Below is an extract from Consumer Reports, the link here will take you to the entire article. Remember folks: TARGET SUCKS! Here is what Consumer Reports says:


"Target’s awarding-winning customer dis-service"

"We couldn’t help raising our collective eyebrows last month when the Council of Better Business Bureau’s president and CEO praised Target Corp.’s “commitment to customer service and satisfaction.” . . .When we think about great customer service, Target is one of the last retailers to come to our mind because of the chain’s return policy and its records for customer service.

Basically, if you want to return an item and you don’t have a receipt, or Target can’t find one in its records because you paid by cash, you’re pretty much out of luck. That’s the case even if you want only to exchange that large sweater you got as a gift for a medium. . . . The problem with Target’s policies is reflected in BBB’s own complaint statistics. Over the last 36 months, the bureau handled 1,436 complaints against the Minnesota-based retailer, more than seven times higher than the 203 it processed for Target’s bigger competitor, Arkansas-based Walmart, whose return policies are much friendlier. . . Of the total Target complaints, 725 involved refunds and exchanges, compared to just 49 at Walmart. And Target’s highly praised customer service earned it 184 complaints compared with Walmart’s 36."

and their earlier article is at: