Thieving duo with toddler steal iPod From Boynton Beach Tarbutt!
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Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Friday, May 29, 2009

BOYNTON BEACH — Police today released video of a thieving duo with a toddler that used a diversion tactic to steal an iPod from a display case at a SuperTarget.

On the video the man and woman are seen entering the store together, then splitting up before approaching a sales associate at the Boynton Beach Target's iPod display case.

The man approaches first and begins talking to an attendant about iPods. A moment later the woman, with a toddler on her hip, approaches the associate and asks a question.

While the sales associate is distracted, the man grabs an 8-gigabyte iPod Touch from the case and slips it into his back pocket.

A moment later they leave the store separately.

The theft happened May 20 at the SuperTarget at 650 N. Congress Ave. in Boynton Beach.

The 8 gigabyte iPod Touch is listed on Target's Website for $229.

I guess that Xmas came early in Boynton Beach this year! The family that steals together stays together. But seriously, can you get one for me?

150 Tarbut Stores will now be using Segways:

Tripp Welborne, director of operations, Assets Protection, Target, said, "The Segway PT is an innovative addition to our multi-layered mobile security strategy that employs technology to ensure the safeness of our guests and team members." Their radio call sign is 'Lazy Bastard' or in some stores just "Oink Oink".