Obama isn't the only Yank in India, Target has been there for years giving away Americans jobs

Be a part of the excitement that surrounds Target India.Target India is the global extension of a $64.9 billion general merchandise retailing business that is one of the most admired companies in the United States. Located in Bangalore, Target India fulfills a unique role in ensuring the success of this widely respected retailer that ranks #28 in the Fortune 500 List–2009.

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American Target Jobs in India!

TCS, Wipro eye $400 mn Target outsourcing deal 5 Nov 2009 The Economic Times (of India)
BANGALORE: India’s top tech firms (TCS, Wipro and others) are pursuing Target’s captive technology centre for a long-term outsourcing contract worth $300-400 million. Target has around 1,500 staff employed at its Bangalore centre, currently doing software development and maintenance work.

Both TCS and Wipro count Target as one of their top retail customers.

Some of the world’s top retailers have been outsourcing projects to Indian third-party service providers, including TCS and Infosys, apart from their own captive centres in order to support their existing IT systems and also develop newer applications. Outsourcing millions every year by outsourcing its IT projects to India.

“Target’s India centre could be doing at least $100 million worth of projects (revenues) every year." Officials at Target did not reply to an email query sent by the Economic Times. Target entered India in 2004 through a Joint Venture with ANSRSource, a Texas-based BPO outsourcing company.

“There is a certain equity in building up the operations (captive) initially, but over the course of time, there is the objective of monetising the operations,” said Avinash Vashistha, CEO, Tholons, an offshore advisory firm.

TCS, one of Target’s Indian suppliers, supports the retailer’s operations from its delivery centres in Uruguay and Chile, apart from India.

For the full article see: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/infotech/ites/TCS-Wipro-eye-400-mn-Target-outsourcing-deal/articleshow/5194473.cms