California Target Suit Needs More Plaintiffs for the Class Action Suit

An interesting Federal suit was filed in January of 2009 in California by 5 law firms who are taking on Target in a class action suit for a laundry list of improper work practices.

California attorney Richard Quintilone, of Lake Forest, Ca. (req@quintlaw.com) is looking for additional plaintiffs to join a 9 count class action suit against Target Corporation.

Mr. Quintilone tells me that he is seeking to contact: "Any California current or former Target employees or managers who worked for Target in California at any time up to 4 years prior to the filing of the case and who were denied meal and rest breaks, overtime pay, or forced to sign punch correction form in lieu of getting the one hour of pay owed (or face punishment and/or termination) or were forced to buy Target uniforms and failed to receive reimbursement."

Mr. Quintilone's firm is also handling the civil suit of a former California employee Jason Van Horn, who the Target AP thugs kept prisoner for over 6 hours, at the Orange County store, until he finally was compelled to sign an 'admission' of wrong doing for ringing up 3 $25 gift cards for personal purchase, which he had been authorized to do by a manager. He was arrested but the case was tossed out and now the former employee is suing.

Here are the first 2 pages of the 25 page Class Action Complaint FYI. Double click for larger image or just print it out: