Target collects fines like a dog collects fleas!

Target hit with $500,000 air-pollution fine
December 16th, 2009, by Pat Brennan, green living, environment editor

Target Corp. has been fined $500,000 after being accused of selling products in its California stores that violate air-pollution rules, including portable fuel containers sold in Westminster.

The fine, announced Wednesday by the state Air Resources Board, was imposed after enforcement officers from the state agency found that the retail chain had also sold portable generators, windshield washer fluid, liquid air fresheners and reed-diffuser air fresheners that failed to meet state regulations.

The fuel containers emitted volatile organic compounds, which contribute to smog formation, while the portable generators did not meet requirements meant to control exhaust, the agency said in its announcement.

The products were sold between 2006 and 2008. According to the air board, Target continued selling the products even after receiving a warning of a pending enforcement action by the agency.

The case eventually was resolved with a “stipulated settlement” in October, the agency said. Target representatives could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Article found at: http://greenoc.freedomblogging.com/2009/12/16/target-fined-500000-accused-of-air-quality-violations/17501/