A Reader Writes to Ask Mr. Doe

"Dear Mr. Doe"  From Jason in Scranton

“Hey, do you post Target Sucks customer stories? Or do you know where I should post this? I have been a happy Target customer. Until now. Now I think Target sucks. I received an iTrip as a Christmas gift. It was purchased at Target. The product is defective. Target won't take it back because I don't have a receipt (it was a gift!) Target's policy: no receipt, no exchange."

Mr. Doe says:

1) Complaints Try the consumer sites:
http://badbusinessbureau.com or http://www.measuredup.com/company/Target.com-9210971/Reviews/Consumer-Complaint-1 these are consumer sites and you can put it on them and you should forward a copy of the posted complaints to Tarbutt, various email addresses for HQ drones are on my site FYI,

2) Guerrilla Warefare Action
Since the item is defective and they still sell the product with slightly different packaging this is real easy. Go to a different Tarbutt store and buy a brand new one of the same item you already have, use a charge card (not a debit card), wait a few days and take the 'old' non working item back with the 'new' packaging and the receipt. Just tell them you are returning the broken item as it doesn't work. You get a refund on your card for the broken one and you keep the 'new one' for yourself.

Keep in mind Jason, that Tarbutt thinks that anyone who returns something without a receipt stole the item, that is just how the morons think.

Thanks for the question and for reading my blog and Hey Jason, that will be 2 bananas.