From the “Another Stupid Idea Department at HQ”

In a seven-week promotion called "The Great Save," Tarbutt is using areas of the store that were once used for seasonal merchandise to pile up pallets of detergent, paper towels, bottled water etc. in an attempt to compete with the warehouse clubs and Wally World.

Tarbutts profits have taken a nose dive during the recession and this latest test program is aimed at convincing ‘guests’ that there are savings at Tarbutt of the sort they find in the Jill and Joe Sixpack sort of stores.

"The idea is to create the fun, convenience and treasure-hunt feeling of a warehouse environment within your local Target store -- without the membership fees." Of course we all go shopping for 'fun' and 'treasure hunting', It remains to be seen if ‘guests’ will be impressed with such nonsense.

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