Tarbutt collects and stores your Driver License Info!

"I Stopped A Nosey Target Clerk From Scanning My License"

is the headline on a www.consumerist.com article today. For those who don't know about the site you might want to drop in and take a look, it is a site owned by Consumer Reports and this particular article raised the question regarding why a pharmacy clerk needed to scan the 'guests' drivers license which has a lot of encoded information on it that a retail store has no business having.

The poster said in part:
"I don't want Target to keep my personal information in their database - I couldn't find any info regarding what info is kept, for how long, or how secure it is. But it looks like giving a birthdate works instead and makes me feel like my privacy is more secure."

Is Tarbutt now part of Homeland Security? What happens to this scanned information? How long is it kept? Who has access to it? One poster noted that some states include social security numbers on the magnetic strips. There are a lot of questions about this policy, and it is particularly troublesome when you consider that Target HQ brags about its cooperation with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

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