The Emails have been sent by HQ -

The emails have been sent out company wide by HQ to ETL-HRs and 8,000 full-time specialists and team leaders will be demoted to part-time.

Target is now eliminating the Specialist and Team Lead positions at its stores. This means downgrading 8,000 full time employees to part-time status of 32 hours and below thus getting them off full time benefits and hopefully off the payroll entirely.
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2-3 Team Members per store will be trained up to Specialist duties and they will take over those duties while initially working along side the now demoted Specialists. So the current specialists will become part time and will "share" the department with other trained TMs with a large savings in hourly pay for Tarbutt.

The hope is that the now demoted Specialists will quit without being fired and having quit they will not be able to collect any unemployment pay. This ploy is a great savings in wages as the newly trained TMs hourly rates are lower than those employees they will replace.

Tarbutt has always had a policy of getting rid of full time workers who manage to hang on long enough to make any decent hourly pay and benefits, they first cut hours of the longer employeed workers and hire new employees at full time and lower hourly pay. If this dosen't get the hire paid workers to quit then they cut hours again and eventually the longer serving workers find themselves working 8 hours a week and they finally quit in disgust.

Of course Target needs a union but anyone who is heard to speak the word 'union' is out the door within hours.

Thanks to Jan R for providing this info. If you have confidential Tarbut info send it to me for publication at: . computer660@hotmail.com