Tarbutt HQ drops in a lot -

Almost every day we have drop ins from HQ, their dedicated ISPs show up on our site meters so we know how long they are 'on' and what they looked at or downloaded. We don't mind a bit, however, just this month (last 3 days) they have been on 31 times and Wed. still has 3 hrs to go.

I guess it's nice to be popular, so since I have this hometown audience I want to mention again that I am always looking for nice confidential documents so I can post them. How about the new edition of the AP Directives or the minor, but still interesting Handcuff Directives etc? I have had well meaning offers of former employee's to tell me of their bad experiences, however that is very subjective and impossible to verify. Send documents!

Contact me via: computer660@hotmail.com I don't pay for or sell info, but I will keep your identity confidential, however if annoyed enough Tarbutt will subpeona records, last time I think it was 24 subpeonas.

From ISP: Target Corporation, 16 look ins
From ISP: Target Corporation, 15 look ins