Cut backs and downsizing continue at Tarbutt

Tarbutt is making a major company wide effort to eliminate FT employees in favor of minimum wage PTers. Long serving 'career' employees are discharged for bogus reasons.

The Tucson Weekly story a few posts down the blog is about a long serving employee getting let go for absurd made up reasons, who alleged in a civil suit that this was done to get rid of her so that other lower paid workers could be used thus saving the company money.

Below is a teaser of what a new post on the Consumers Union web site has on this same topic. The direct link to it is found at:

http://consumerist.com/2010/03/target-is-slashing-full-timers-hours-at-my-store.html and the original article was at: http://consumerist.com/2010/02/target-employee-says-8k-full-timers-willl-be-part-time.html

"We have quite a few team members, like me, that are trained in every possible section of the store (sales floor, cashier, backroom, food court, carts, instock). We even closed a few nights as team leads. For a year I've been getting 40-45 hours. For the last 3 weeks, I have got 18 and was told it will not go back up anytime soon, if at all. There is no excuse for this since I can work in any part of the store and should have hours somewhere. . . Also, a lot of higher paid people have been disappearing. At least two I confirmed were fired, but for the most silly and minor reasons. . . A note about the specialists situation. They did in fact get rid of all specialists and will replace them with lower paid minimum wage workers (I checked the pay grade). For example, what a single $12-15 person did will now be split between 3 people for minimum wage."

Target Makes Layoffs at Minneapolis Headquarters

Direct link at: http://kstp.com/news/stories/s1222326.shtml?cat=1

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Retailer Target Corp. has decided to cut some 85 marketing jobs, representing about 8 percent of its 1,100 employees in that department.

The move was part of Target's normal practice of evaluating all areas of the company to make sure they are effective, the company said in a statement Thursday.

The affected employees all are located at its headquarters in Minneapolis, where some 12,000 Target employees work, Target said.

Target has been cutting staff, tightening consumer credit card underwriting, and limiting inventory in the recession.

Although discount retailers have benefited from consumers switching to cheaper stores and focusing on necessities in the recession, Target has been hurting because much of its revenue comes from fashionable nonessentials like home decor and clothing.