Ever hear of Rockwall Texas?

You have now - I have an automatic notification on google for certain key words, in todays list was a long craigslist item from a fired Target worker, I only put on a bit of it as it seems to support other info on other threads about people of long standing getting canned. The whole post is found at: http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/for/1653587088.html, I gather that it has been deleted a number of times and reposted, this happened last year.

Just to cut to the end of the post, it reports the ex-employee found other employment, so I guess it ended well after all, here is the 1st part FYI look at the whole post if this interests you:

I am on here writing this letter as a plea for help. On Tuesday April 7th I was fired from my job at Target in Rockwall Texas. I was a GSTL which stands for Guest Service Team Leader. I supervised about 30 cashiers, service desk, food ave., cart pushers and photo lab team members. I was employed there for almost 14 years and it was my first job (I was 16 when I got it).

I am totally DEVISTATED about this as I did not see it coming! I did not do anything wrong there as I was a loyal team member, well loved/liked. This all started in January when I was wrote up for very petty reasons, example: cashier speed score. Part of my job was to make sure the cashier were fast but it was also the responsibility of 3 other supervisors and not just me.

I was the only one written up for this, not the other 3 supervisors. Another reason (and this reason will make you really mad) credit card applications! I was told that I did not push my cashiers hard enough to get credit card applications. . ."