Target gets the ‘BOOBIE PRIZE’!

OK, I couldn’t resist that one, a cheap shot is a terrible thing to waste.
Friendswood mom allegedly harassed at Target for breastfeeding organizes 'nurse-in'
Target is bracing for a nationwide nurse-in after a Houston-area woman reported that she had been asked to stop breast-feeding her child at a local store.  by Tiffany Craig / KHOU 11 News, www. khou.com
• Houston-area mother's complaints prompt nationwide 'nurse-ins' at Target stores.

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas—Mothers from around the country plan to support a Friendswood mom who says she was harassed at a Target store for breastfeeding.  More than 100 different “nurse-ins” are planned in 35 states after hearing about the case of Michelle Hickman.

Hickman and her then 4-month-old son Noah were visiting the Target in Webster last month when he started getting hungry.  “I was taking care of my baby’s needs,” said Hickman. “I was bothered by people wanting to make a spectacle of it.”

Not the customers, she said, but the employees. “They all came in and started walking and looking like I did something horrible,” said Hickman.

The first employee reportedly suggested that she use the fitting room. Another supposedly told her that she could be cited for indecent exposure. I had this big blanket over me,” Hickman said as she showed KHOU 11 News.

After feeding her child, Hickman left the store and later called the corporate office. She said she was told by guest relations, “just because it’s a woman’s legal right to nurse a baby in public doesn’t mean she should walk around the store flaunting it.”

KHOU 11 News contacted Target and they sent a written statement claiming that “guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable.”

The statement went on to say that “Target has been in touch with the store to ensure all team members are aware of our breastfeeding policy.” Hickman was so angry about what happened, she shared her story online and with a mother’s groups.

That’s where the idea of staging a “nurse-in” was born. The nationwide “nurse-in” is scheduled for Wednesday, December 28 at 10 a.m.
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Full article at:  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2011/12/breastfeeding-at-target-moms-stage-national-demonstration/
Mothers from across the country have posted pictures of themselves nursing at Target stores — from Maryland to Minnesota — to a Facebook page used to organize the event. (A Target spokeswoman has confirmed that nursing mothers showed up at Target stores today but said the chain was still gathering information on the scale of the demonstrations.)

“I never knew that sitting in a Target and doing what’s normal — which is feeding my baby — would result in all of this one day but I’m glad it did, ” Michelle Hickman, the woman who inspired the event, told http://www.abcnews.com/.

Editorial Comment:  If any retail chain is taking lumps for stupidity there is an 85% chance that it is going to be Target.  This is my 6th year in reporting just how badly Target Sucks and there is simply no end to stories about this disfunctional chain. 

Now it is breastfeeding, 2 weeks ago it was refusing to let 25 kids shop for a charity in their Mayfield Heights Ohio Store.  It is always something with this bunch of incompetents.  Eventually I will get old (older) and die, but Target will always Suck.