Changes in Target Health Care starting next week!

Next week there will be some changes announced for Target Health Care and team members will be briefed on them.

In summary the changes are as follows:
1. If you are currently enrolled in the HMO or PPO, you can re-enroll in it for 2012. You will not automatically be enrolled in any plan this year.
2. If you are not currently in the HMO or PPO, you do not have the option to enroll for it.
3. Both the HMO and PPO are being discontinued and will not be available in 2013. The only options are the savings-account based HSA and HRA.
At the same time, target will be instituting a $5 per week surcharge for smokers. (this will be in the form of a $260/year surcharge for any medical plan, including HSA/HRA).

Example FYI:

Because tobacco use increases health care costs, you will pay an annual surcharge of $260, which equates to $5 per week, if you or any of your enrolled dependents use tobacco products.

During 2012 Open Enrollment, you will be asked to state whether you or any of your covered dependents have used tobacco products in the past six months. If you do not complete this step, you will be charged the $260 tobacco surcharge.
There are two ways to end the tobacco surcharge:
1) After six months of being tobacco free, call the Target Benefits Center to have the surcharge removed,
2) Complete the free ‘Quit Plan’ tobacco cessation program and call the Target Benefits Cengter to have the surcharge removed.
See the full five page document at:  http://targetpayandbenefits.blogspot.com/