Target Corp. is tired of being used as a Showroom for Internet shoppers

Tarbutt is annoyed that their 'guests' are being 'pests' and are coming in to their stores to take a look at products they sell but these items are also being offered for sale online, almost always at a lower price.

Target is now 'asking' (really telling) their suppliers that they want help to stop this 'showrooming', and they want that help to be in the form of their suppliers creating special products that they and other stores would carry which would not be available other that at their stores.
This would make consumers going into T. to price check items useless as T would have products (particularly electronics) that were unique to T and other participating brick and mortar stores.

As pointed out in a long WSJ article (see: http://tinyurl.com/75zqul9 by Ann Zimmerman) "Some analysts said Target's new tactics are unlikely to reverse the showrooming trend, because they fail to address the root problems traditional retailers face. Online-only retailers have significantly lower labor costs and, at least, for the time being don't collect sales tax in most states."

Target may be the 2nd largest retailer but they are starting to feel the heat from consumers that are willing to take their business to the cheaper online web sites. This is just another example of Target being consumer unfriendly and another reason that "TARGET SUCKS!"