Which is Worst: Target or Best Buy?

Target and Best buy are in the running for Worst Company in America. The Consumerist site says:
"Target may not have Best Buy's years of tournament experience to call upon in the Octagon, but it's certainly screwed up enough times in the last year to merit its spot in the bracket."

They site 3 main reasons for Target being in the running:
1) they took over the e-commerce site Target.com last summer and did such a crappy job of it that the President Steve Eastman of Target.com left in disgrace less than 2 months after the site going up, 'to pursue other opportunities' the press release said.

2) despite a petition with 100,000 signatures asking for them to open a bit later on Thanksgiving night to allow employees to enjoy the holiday they ignored that and kept to the earlier opening,

3) they have repeatedly shot themselves in the foot with their anti-gay mind set as demonstrated by their having given a Minnesota canidate for Governor a $150,000 donation.

To these I would add a 4th,

4) for the last 5 years they have had the worst return policy of any national chain, they have tweeked it a couple of times, but the underlying theme remains: 'no receipt - no return - go away', even if you just want a different size of clothing they refuse to help you.

See I told you that TARGET SUCKS!

See the article and vote in the poll at:

I don't know if Target will 'win' but I am not surprised that they are nominated!