Long term employees at Tarbutt are called 'blockers'

Got 20 years in at Tarbutt?  You won't be around much longer as a group of former longtime Target employees found when they were shown the door because they were costing the company too much money.  You don't retire at Target - you get fired!

How did this work out for them?  Take a look further down this blog at the Oct 1, 2012 post or for more details see the seperate blog site of Lavonne C. Beckford v. Target Corporation at: http://beckfordvtarget.blogspot.com

An Arizona case that started out in a local court and was transferred to Federal Court.

A former manager said: "It was understood that I could hire someone 10 years younger than these people, at half the pay, and they had college degrees. I'd sit during the management meetings, and we'd identify who is a 'blocker'—which meant they needed to leave the company . . . "We were told to figure out how to get rid of these blockers that cost too much money,"

see this Tucson Weekly article in full at:  http://www.tucsonweekly.com/tucson/getting-the-ax/Content?oid=1830574