Target uses a secret BLACKLIST to deny applicants employment!

The NY Times in an extensive April 2nd article titled 'Retailers Track Employee Thefts in Vast Databases' report that Target is one major retail chain that secretly uses the Esteem data base to decide if applicants should be hired.

The 'vast data base' contains extensive documentation of 'alledged admissions', most which never involved any actual theft or any prosecution. The database is "a secret blacklist," Mr. Irv Ackelsberg, a lawyer at Langer, Grogan & Diver
said. "The employees don’t know about it until they have already been hurt."
". . . the databases, which are legal, are facing scrutiny from labor lawyers and federal regulators, who worry they are so sweeping that innocent employees can be harmed. The lawyers say workers are often coerced into confessing, sometimes when they have done nothing wrong, without understanding that they will be branded as thieves. . . Such statements may contain no outright admission of guilt"

Been denied a job at Target and don't know why? You might be on their Blacklist. Take a look at this NY Times article at: